Terms And Conditions

About Merchandise Ordering Service


1. All items once ordered are non-refundable.
2. The goods are affected by the Japanese supplier's inventory. If there is a shortage, our store will refund all the deposit.
3. The arrival date of the goods is for reference only, the actual arrival date depends on the actual situation.
4. It generally takes 1-2 working days to place an order for the purchasing service. If you need to place an order immediately, please notify as soon as possible, as additional shipping charges may be incurred.
5. The outer box of the goods may be dented during transportation. This is a normal situation. If the customer fails to pick up the goods with a beautiful outer box due to the order of picking up the goods, the company is not responsible, and the customer is not allowed to use it. For reasons of return or refund.
6. The products set as limited purchases on the website are the quantity that each customer can buy. If the customer keeps repeating orders to purchase the limited purchase products, we will deduct the cost of HK$5 from the refund.
**Model Maker HK reserves the final right to make repeated purchases, placing an order with a different account does not mean that it can be repeated.


Internationally Prohibited Items and Non-Service Items


1. The shop reserves the right to cancel any order, and the cancelled order will be refunded the deposit.
2. If the ordered product is returned or confiscated due to legal issues, the store will not be responsible for it, will not refund any deposit, and may require the orderer to make up the final number.


Items that cannot be ordered include but are not limited to the following items

1. Any animal or plant
2. Any child pornography
3. Infringing copyright, counterfeit, counterfeit goods
4. Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
5. Firearms, swords, weapons, gunpowder, explosives, poisons
6. Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
7. Batteries, any product containing batteries
8. Beverages, food, or other items that are easily spoiled and need to be frozen and refrigerated
9. "Aviation Dangerous Objects" such as flammable and explosive materials
10. Products prohibited by law


Shipping and Warehousing


1. Please go to the store to pick up the goods within 14 working days after the arrival notice is issued. If the goods are overdue, a storage fee of HKD10/piece/day will be charged.
2. The shop will not be responsible for any loss caused by delayed delivery or damage of goods due to accidental delivery.
3. When purchasing goods or using our services, you agree to all terms and conditions.


large commodity


Items that exceed the size below are large items and may be subject to additional shipping charges

1. The weight of a single piece exceeds 1.5KG
2. The length of any side exceeds 30cm, or the "length * width * height (cm)" exceeds 5000cm