Collection: MADWORKS

MADWORKS was established in October 2015 by a group of scale modelers and hobbyists in Taiwan. We focuses on research and development, as well as the sales of scale models related tools. Through publications, promotions with retailers, and engagement in exhibitions, MADWORKS has become a name well known in the scale model community for its quality products. We further expand our product collection by collaborating with experienced modelers to develop GK (resin mod) kits. We also host free seminars on technical subjects such as panel-line and modifications to help the community to thrive.


Your support is our motivation


Today we are privileged to connect with the scale model communities worldwide with these signature products: line engraver blades/maintenance fluid/tapes, instant glue, abrasive papers, and photoetching parts for scale models.


MAD team will continue to strive for as the world #1 brand name in scale model tools. We thank you to all our fans because your support helps bring MADWORKS worldwide!