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MADWORKS - Adhesive Sanding Papers

MADWORKS - Adhesive Sanding Papers

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MADWORKS - Adhesive Sanding Papers


Save time trimming and replacing sand paper; MADWORKS Adhesive Sanding Papers are the perfect choice for large sanding jobs.

Comes with the most commonly used grits, these low-tack sanding papers minimize the chance any residue are left on the Acrylic Grinding Plate. We package them like a pack of gum so it is easy to organize: no more messy work space or trimming of sand papers.


PS: Because the Adhesive Sanding Paper has a Plus-Tolerance whilst the Acrylic Grinding Plate has a Minus-Tolerance, these sanding papers have a bigger dimension!)


Available grid:

29240 (#240) | 29320 (#320) | 29400 (#400) | 29600 (#600) | 29800 (#800) | 29100 (#1000)

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Adhesive Sanding Paper Size : 20*90mm, 20pc in each pack


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