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MTN Pro - Universal Polyester Putty 500g

MTN Pro - Universal Polyester Putty 500g

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MTN Pro - Universal Polyester Putty 500g


Color: Beige

Size: 500g


MTN Pro - Universal Polyester Putty - A two-component paste for filling, smoothing or covering cracks, flaws and bumps on virtually any surface.


Montana Colors Universal Polyester Putty is a lightweight, multifunctional, 2k styrene-free putty. It is designed for use on sheet steel, aluminum, polyester and wood. Its high thixotropy allows gluing and filling without the risk of sinking. It is easy to apply and sand, doesn’t crack or shrink when dry and can be painted over with any MTN product. 

The product includes a tube with the catalyst (to be mixed with the paste in a proportion of 2%) and a basic spatula for users who don’t have this tool.


- Prepare the surface by sanding and degreasing. Apply directly on the surface. If primer
is applied, use only a 2K epoxy primer.
- Mix the putty until the two components are fully integrated and the colour is uniform.
- Apply the product with a 100:2 mixture. Avoid excess catalyst. Dry at temperatures
above 5ºC and relative humidity below 70%.
- If too much catalyst is applied, a “peroxide stain” effect is created, which affects the
colour after finishing. This happens if more than 7% is applied.
- Sand with P80-P150 sandpaper and then with P240 sandpaper. For finer finishes,
sand with higher grit sandpaper, in steps of 100 grades.
- It is recommended to apply an insulating base coat of MTN PRO Grey filler before final
finishing and sanding with P600/800.
- Clean the spatulas with cleaning solvent before the product cures.
- In case of repairing deep damages, we recommend first to apply the MTN Fibreglass
Polyester Putty, which has a higher filling power.


- Styrene-free.
- 2K.
- Beige.
- With PbO catalyst.
- Good adhesion.
- Creamy formula.
- Excellent filling power.
- Easy sanding.
- High flexibility.
- Wood, steel, aluminium, polyester and carbon fibre.
- Temperature-resistant up to 200ºC.


It can be applied on steel sheet, aluminium, carbon, polyester or wood.
If maximum protection is required, apply over 2K epoxy primer. Do not apply
on thermoplastic finishes and wash primers.
Ideal for DIY, automotive, modelling.

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