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MADWORKS - NERON Fine Pin Vise (MT02)

MADWORKS - NERON Fine Pin Vise (MT02)

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MADWORKS - NERON Fine Pin Vise (MT02)


Specification: Suitable for 0.1mm - 5.0mm drill bits


This product is designed with precision in mind.  Equipped with a precise three-jaw chuck, it can effectively secure drill bits in place.  Non-slip design provides firm grip, easy to operate. 


** drill bits not included **


With traditional handles, 0.1-1.0mm bits usually require a much smaller handles! 0.1-3.2mm bits requires mid-size handles, and require changing of internal bit holder! 3.2-5.0mm requires even bigger handles! The MAD NERON MH-02 is designed for ease of use! It is a solid and practical precision pin vise!

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