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MADWORKS -平手丸取工具套裝 -旋轉刀片+改造用蝕刻片 (N-011)

MADWORKS -平手丸取工具套裝 -旋轉刀片+改造用蝕刻片 (N-011)

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MADWORKS - Spin Blades+Photo Etched Detailing Rivets (N-011)


These combo set of photo-etched blades (3.2mm 3.4mm 3.6mm 3.8mm 4.0mm) designed to create pivot holes on model kits and matching pivot holes detail-up parts:


1. Use a regular 0.5mm drill bit and drill the central point where the pivot hole will be;


2. Pin the tip of the blade to this central pin, then spin the blade to cut through the surface.


3. Add details using Photo Etched Detailing Rivets, or other MADWORKS large selections of detail-up parts.


Note: This type of fixture is a consumable, and cannot be as durable as a drill !

Suggestion: Attached the spin blade to a drill-bit handle. This way is easier to operate


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