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MADWORKS - Tungsten Steel Line Engravers

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MADWORKS - Tungsten Steel Line Engravers


Our new Tungsten Steel Line Engraver are the strongest blades we offer. Multiple widths means these blades are perfect for any panel line and scribbing applications, helping you adding your most exciting and detail designs.


chiselsouter diameter 3.0mm


Available in :

TS-010 (0.1mm) | TS-015 (0.15mm) | TS-020 (0.2mm) | TS-030 (0.3mm)

TS-040 (0.4mm) | TS-050 (0.5mm) | TS-060 (0.6mm) | TS-080 (0.8mm)

TS-100 (1.0mm) | TS-120 (1.2mm) | TS-150 (1.5mm)


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