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效果顏料系列 - Technical Paints Series

效果顏料系列 - Technical Paints Series

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效果顏料系列(Technical Paints Series)可讓您為模型添加各種特殊效果。攪動的泥土、可怕的血塊、生鏽和腐蝕或光譜發光——每一種都為完成您的微縮模型提供了一種引人注目的方式。

Technical paints let you add all sorts of special effects to your models. Churned earth, grisly gore, rust and corrosion or spectral glows – each makes for an eye-catching way to finish your miniatures.

  • 教程:戰場泥漿
  • 專為模型底座添加紋理而設計
  • 水性配方
  • 鍋容量:24ml
  • 選擇紋理筆刷以獲得最佳效果


  • Tutorial: Battlefield Mud
  • Designed for adding texture to your models’ bases
  • Water-based formula
  • Pot size: 24ml
  • Pick up a Texture tool for best results
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