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MTN PRO Heat-Resistant Paint

MTN PRO Heat-Resistant Paint

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Color name: MTN PRO Heat-Resistant Paint

Capacity: 400 ml


MTN PRO Heat-resistant Paint is a product fundamentally formulated based on silicone resins and special thermoset pigments to provide resistance to temperatures of up to 690 - 700ºC.

Designed for parts or surfaces subjected to different stages of thermal shock such as stoves, boilers, exhaust pipes, engines or fluid conduits.



Especially suitable for parts that are subjected to different stages of thermal shock:

-Industrial plants

-Hot fluid ducts

-Engine blocks



-Exhaust pipes




  • Shake the aerosol vigorously until you hear the sound of the mixing ball. Spray on a previously cleaned surface that you wish to paint.
  • Invert the can and spray until paint is no longer released, avoiding the cap from becoming clogged and permitting you to be able to reuse the cap.




  • Very fast drying 
  • Good hardening 
  • Good elasticity 
  • Scratch resistance
  • Good adhesion
  • High covering power 
  • Colour durability
  • Easy to apply and recoat
  • Thermo-stability. Resistant to high temperatures until 700ºC 
  • Adheres well to other heatproof paint
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