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MADWORKS - Light Series Line Engravers

MADWORKS - Light Series Line Engravers

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MADWORKS -  Light Series Line Engravers


This is a light-weight version of MADWORKS D.L.C. series. Suitable for any scale model kits and military model kits. Comparing to D.L.C. Line Engraver, LIGHT series has a shorter body and without the dlc-coating. This reduces the cost, making it cheaper and more suitable for beginners.

Line Engraver “Light” available in these sizes:

35015 (0.15mm) | 35020 (0.2mm) | 35030 (0.3mm) | 30505 (0.5mm)


Body Width: 6mm | Body Thickness: 0.5mm

It can also be used MADWORKS - multifunction model's handle.




  • Attach the blade to a knife handle.  We recommend MADWORKS multifunction model's handle (MH-01).  D.L.C. Line Engraver can scribe plastic model kits (ABC/PVC), resin kits, and epoxy kits.  Make sure the blade follow the contour of the scribing surface.  Do not use excessive force.  Excess impact may damage the blade.



  • Children 12 or under must obtain the help of an adult assistant.

  • D.L.C. Line Engraver is a precision tool.  Do not drop and avoid heavy impact.  Under normal operation the blades can last two or more years.

  • Rust treatment has been applied to the metal surface.  Keep in a dry place.  Do not impact with other metal surfaces. Apply silicone grease/oil regularly for rust prevention and maintenance.

  • D.L.C. Line Engraver is designed to be used on plastic / resin / epoxy surface.  Do not use on metal surface as this will damage the blade.​​

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