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MTN 94 Matt Finish NO.1-316

MTN 94 Matt Finish NO.1-316

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Finish: Matt

Capacity: 400 ml





MTN 94 is probably the most versatile aerosol on the market. Thanks to its extensive color range and quick drying ability, it is an suitable tool for practically any type of creative work that requires a matt finish.



  • Shake the aerosol vigorously until you hear the sound of the mixing ball. Spray on a previously cleaned surface that you wish to paint.
  • Invert the can and spray until paint is no longer released, avoiding the cap from becoming clogged and permitting you to be able to reuse the cap.
  • MTN 94 allows you to paint lines of varying widths, ranging from 1 cm (Skinny PRO) up to 12.5 cm (with the Hardcore Fat Cap). Practicing will help you to improve this difference in line width.


  • MTN 94 is fast-drying to the touch makes it compatible with all MTN products. It dries within minutes and, after 24-48 hours, depending on the coats applied and the weather conditions - the film hardens completely, thus increasing its resistance.


MTN94 Description


The country of origin is Spain, and it has passed the EU toxic substance test and is famous for its hand spray paint that does not contain any formaldehyde.


The color is rich and close to 400 colors, widely used in various life occasions, whether it is graffiti art. Indoor use, models, engineering, cars, etc.


The spray paint has a strong attachment force, and can be used for indoor touch-up wood, plastic, and bathroom porcelain.


Outdoor walls, concrete floors, cars, body metal, fish, abalone, can all be attached.


Waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to change color, and can withstand high temperature.


A usable area is up to 9 square meters.

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